How An Uprising In Consciousness Will Change Everything

While the initial fear, panic, hoarding, and stockpiling of food and paper products has eased up somewhat, as an empath, I am feeling both an eerie acquiescence of what’s taking place…people making the best of the situation but simply waiting, herd-like, for the government, elected officials, or other so-called leaders to “fix” things – combined with a smaller, yet powerful energy, of those who are awakened, who will in no way, shape or form accept anything other than sovereignty, self government, self-determination and transparency as the outcome of this world-wide pause, where much of what’s being fed to the masses by mainstream media is questionable, irrational, and insulting to one’s intelligence.


What The Hell Is Going On?

As the weeks go by, I can feel more and more people waking up, or at the very least, starting to question just what the hell is going on here?

I’m not going to use this blog post to rampage, except to illustrate below my personally created acronym…a deeply felt intuitive interpretation:

C – corruption

O – oppression

V – vile

I – insane

D – diabolical


Coming Out of The Shadows

There’s a plethora of information available out there to come to your own conclusions about the virus and how things are being handled.  For the more rationally minded, I found this article, Coronagate: The Scandal to End All Scandals, by Martin Geddes, to be factual rather than full of sensationalism. You have to be your own judge..

A wonderfully insightful video on YouTube called An Epidemic of Control, with Charles Eisenstein, one of the most celebrated writers and speakers about the intersection of systems change and personal growth, was a meaningful watch for sure. In his interview with Rebel Wisdom’s David Fuller, he discusses the deeper story of what the pandemic crisis is revealing. With his deep spiritual insight and calm demeanor, I couldn’t help but feel expanded and open to his ultimately beautiful message.

how an uprising in consciousness will change everything


Nowhere To Run and Hide Anymore

What is happening now during this pause, is a recalibration if you will, of what can exist and no longer exist in this time of our evolution.

Whatever is old, heavy, evil, or of the dark side is being exposed.  There’s nowhere to run and hide anymore. This applies collectively and personally in our lives.  Across the globe, people are waking up and realizing that there will never be a “going back to normal.” It’s so obvious, at least to me, that many of us are done, done, done, with whatever came before…


All Will Be Revealed. You Are Safe.

As I sat in meditation this morning, I kept hearing this repeated message like a mantra…

“All will be revealed. You are safe.”

“All will be revealed. You are safe.”

“All will be revealed. You are safe.”


Are There Any Dots Connecting For You?

Bottom line…trust your SELF, don’t deny the dark side but most certainly identify with what’s beyond both dark and light, question everything…even these words.  Decide for yourself. See if any dots are connecting.


Exclusivity – The Poison of The Ruling Elite

Exclusivity is the energy that the ruling elite love to live in. They cherish it beyond anything else in existence. They will do unimaginable things to make sure they keep it. And yes, they will even kill for it. But they don’t do this from a place of ignorance.  Far from it. They are highly evolved in the dark arts and they know exactly how to keep the masses in fear and forever their slaves.  They play only on the dark side.


Who Controls Your Consciousness?

Brandon Evans, CEO and Co-Founder of 1heart, an all-inclusive human accelerator program designed for high-performing entrepreneurs, CEOs, leaders, and change-makers to fully elevate mind, body, and spirit, writes the following in his Medium article published in 2018, Who Controls Your Consciousness? The Battle For Your Mind Is Real:

Our prison is surrounded by an invisible fence to give the appearance of total freedom. In reality, the government is deciding exactly how far we can explore. They are not restricting exploration in physical space. ***(they are now!!)  Instead, they are doing so to something far more essential to our freedom, our consciousness.

There is perhaps nothing more our own than our consciousness. To put controls on where our mind is free to explore seems unthinkable. This is our reality. It is how the government, serving big banks and big business, keeps the power structure in tact.

Fortunately, we are starting to see a shift. People are waking up all over the world. A variety of ancient and modern day tools are focused on helping people get out of the box that restricts them from seeing and understanding their true purpose. ***(hopefully, so is lock-down and isolation.)

Once more awake, people can start to see the myths that governments prop up in order to maintain control and the status quo. This higher consciousness will help lead us to a world of peace and collective fulfillment.

***my comments.


Our Deepest Exuberance, Equanimity & Joy

Sometimes I find all of existence simply too mind-boggling huge to wrap my head around, but when we focus only on the immense bondage to our body, personality and personal preferences, we literally cut ourselves off from expanding into our fullest human potential – that of living our life as an expression of our deepest exuberance, equanimity and joy.


The Principles of Inclusivity

Real exuberance, equanimity and joy is an inner expression of the inclusivity of all of existence.  It’s involvement, rather than detachment, doing what needs to be done rather than what you personally want to do, it’s feeling alive with the wonder of being connected to all of life.

At the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, as part of their Organizational & Human Development Program and their Principles of Inclusivity Series, they state these following principles:

The Principles of Inclusivity

  1. Acknowledge individuals have unique and particular needs in the learning and work environment.
  2. Respect each individual’s right to express and present themselves relative to their religion, culture, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender-identity, physical and mental ability.
  3. Promote inclusivity by reasonably adjusting procedures, activities and physical environments.
  4. Focus on the capability of the individual without assumptions or labels.
  5. Be inclusive in all forms of communication.
  6. Serve all with sensitivity, respect, and fairness.


The Intelligence of the Cosmos

This is not a spiritual thing, or even philosophical or metaphysical. It’s simply the intelligence of the cosmos.

Can you imagine the ruling elite, employers, law enforcement, medical establishments, schools, religions, or governments changing to fully respect these Principles of Inclusivity?

I can’t. Not in a million years. Which is why the old has to fall and something new be created.


How Inclusive Are You?

And what about even you…the one reading this?  How inclusive are you? What about me? How expansive is our consciousness to be able to adopt these principles of inclusivity in our own lives?

All I know is that this is how I endeavor to live, how I’d love our world to operate, and how I’ll continue expanding my consciousness, as my personal pledge of allegiance to Existence, for as long as I’m breathing.

All will be revealedyou are safe…


We Collectively Raise Our Consciousness

Big changes are coming, and that’s a good thing.  It would just be a whole lot smoother and easier if enough awakened people (it doesn’t have to be everyone) were on board for the biggest overthrowing of worldwide archaic, anachronistic governance ever undertaken through an uprising in consciousness.

Just imagine it…we collectively and quietly raise our consciousness while we’re at home by not buying into any of the fear-based media. We go about our days enjoying our families or ourselves and begin to question everything that feels like control, oppression, corruption, and infringement of our basic human rights. We help others.

Then one day, when the time is called for, we’ll simply disengage, en masse, peacefully, happily, and consciously…not  because we’re rebelling or raging at how mislead and lied to we’ve been…but because we’ve simply moved on to what feels more like freedom, autonomy, and sovereignty. Heck, we may not even have to do anything other than let go and let the intelligence of nature take care of the rest!

Wouldn’t that be something?

Wouldn’t that be a legendary story for future generations to hear some day…?


From my heart to yours,

Heather xo

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  1. norral

    god bless you heather. yes very true above everything else, in the final analysis, we are conciousness. beautiful glorious conciousness. a good time to evaluate this world we live in and decide if we respect those who make decisions that affect our lives. one thing i have taken advantage of is the opportunity to meditate and pray more and this has been good. trust the process, as you say we are changing and we dont know what we will look like 3 months from now or 6 months from now. hopefully i believe we all will become more thoughtful . be at peace and be well


    • Heather Fraser

      Thank you for your comment, Norral. It sounds like you’re making the best use of this time with more meditation and prayer. This is exactly how a peaceful change will come about.

      …an uprising in consciousness.

      Many blessings your way,
      Heather xo


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