Creed of Mastery


It’s one thing to talk about Love, think about it, or even write about it for that matter.


It’s quite another to be it and live it.


Love isn’t something that you do.


It’s not an action.


It’s something that you are.


It’s a state of being.


And sadly, most people will never go down the road that will lead them there…




To themselves…to Love.


Some people long for it, yearn for it, pine for it, kill for it, and even lie for it.


But what about living for it?


Because Love is not about suffering.


We only suffer when we resist what is, and whatever the “what is” is, it’s always – without exception – something about ourselves that we are refusing to embrace and enfold back into the fullness and beauty of Everything.


Instead, we allow fear to separate, isolate, and divide.


To walk down the road of our fears takes courage, but who wants to tackle those demons? It’s friggin’ scary!


Especially when this road over here – you know…the one that’s all lovely and safe and comforting and dazzling and wonderful and predictable and full of all the “stuff” that will hypnotize one into feeling they are whole and successful and important and loved – is so inviting.


There’s nothing wrong with a life that’s all lovely, safe, comforting, dazzling, wonderful, predictable and full of stuff, as long as one can also feel there’s nothing wrong with a life that’s all ugly, unsafe, uncomfortable, dull, terrible, unpredictable and empty of stuff!


It’s all words, labels, beliefs, opinions and judgments, but mostly, if one looks way deep down, its fear of being “less than” or “unworthy” or “impoverished” that motivates the creation of either of these scenarios. And now, at this stage of our evolution, we are all being given the opportunity to see very clearly how this is so, mostly through the first hand experiences of our fears being majorly triggered.


It seems like we either have everything we’ve ever wanted and still feel empty and terrified that we’ll never find happiness – or – we have lost everything, have nothing, and are totally empty and terrified that we’ll never survive.


Both feel like death.


They are meant to.


And the still, small voice said,


“Your life here is about coming to the total realization that you ARE Love, and your deepest self knows exactly what circumstances you need to have in your life in order to evolve. Whether it be poverty, wealth, illness, health, divorce, marriage, it’s all for your spiritual unfolding. You are here to overcome your fears, and if your life circumstances bring up your fears, then it’s time to face them head on, to say thank you, and to profoundly love them as you would your own child, so that the illusion of separation can stop. Nothing can END you, not ever. Nothing can end who you are. Nothing can end Love. You are here to realize this, and to live in the utter joy and relief of that realization. You are here to Live for Love. Period. And yet you cannot do this until you traverse the rocky terrain of your fears, to stand fully in them, quivering and shaking in your boots, only to see that you are still here, still breathing, and that it was always, always a choice, based on confusion or ignorance, to pledge allegiance to the fear. With the newfound clarity that comes from this realization, the walls fall down and Love pours in. Now the choice you make is conscious. Love or fear. At this stage, one can never again call themselves a victim, only a chooser. When you know who you are, duality becomes undefined and you can choose to melt into the Oneness of All Life. It is only by this creed of mastery that one’s life can then begin to feel meaningful, beautiful, and rich beyond measure.”


With love,

Heather xo

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  1. Bert

    Dearest Heather, for a long time I didn’t hear anything from you…your words are touching me…deeply…sending Love across the miles for a wonderful woman…YOU.


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