Creating Calm – The Need of Our Times

2020 will be talked about in hindsight as the year of dissolution, the process in which something becomes weaker and weaker, then literally dissolves or dismantles.  Patriarchal power, war, oppression, lies, money, religion, dictatorship, global warming, greed – it’s all coming apart. But in that coming apart, much will feel unstable, ungrounded and chaotic in the material world. Many will fall into the chaos because it’s what’s familiar and their fear will keep them rooted and mired there, making the transition of emergence to a new way of being and living far more difficult. (Think caterpillar to butterfly. We’re literally liquefying, dissolving, so we can evolve into a lighter, higher minded, more refined and exquisite human.) Resistance to the process will only slow things down and create much suffering.


What Resistance Does

When we resist anything, even something as simple as the weather or the fact that we’re stuck in traffic, we create an inner tension within that over time, if we don’t figure out a way to relax and bring calm to ourselves on a regular basis, will create all manner of untold imbalances, deficiencies, and disorder to our lives.


The Repetitively Insane and Robotic Life

Some of us are so disconnected from the root of nature and living a calm and balanced life, that we quite literally go into semi-shock when some event or circumstance jams a crow bar into our repetitively insane and robotic motions of living the same stressful day over and over and over again. But thank God for the wake up call, whatever it may be.


The Silent Scream of Buried Joy

The thing is, it doesn’t serve to resist our evolution, either on an individual level or collectively.  Of course we can, and many do, but all that does is keep our natural state of inner joy buried alive.  You know that feeling of a silent scream, the kind you can imagine (or maybe already feel inside every day) if you actually were buried alive and desperately screaming for someone to get you out? That’s what years of resistance creates.


Think Caterpillar Butterfly

How many of you reading these words can relate? And if not you, then how many people do you know do you suspect are feeling this way?  Do you think a caterpillar is screaming it’s little head off as it dissolves every cell of it’s former self inside its chrysalis? It just goes with its natural transformational flow and utterly lets go to emerge as something completely unrecognizable from its former self.  It’s only we humans, who are also experiencing a natural, evolutionary transformation, who resist what is.


The Isolation of a Virtual Reality

And why do we do this?  Because we’re afraid.  And why are we afraid?  Because we’re buried alive. Mired in the trappings of the material world with only a singularly focused external locus of control.  Disconnected from nature and that which would unite us in peace, deep calm, harmony, and balance, we fill our lives up with a virtual reality that isolates us, and we wonder why depression and suicide is at an all time high.


Devotion to Existence

Lately, creating calm has been my calling, my devotion to Existence. One day while I was hiking in the forest and feeling the depth of calm saturating my being, as it does every, single time,  I found myself suddenly receiving a breakdown in the form of an acronym for the word CALM. These were like four pillars or spontaneous utterances, that I realized I had been quietly immersed in for some time.


Creating Calm

When we are calm, and I mean deeply calm, the kind of calm that can’t be messed with by any outside circumstance, then we avail ourselves to the immense and infinite wisdom of Existence itself.  Pure.  Benevolent.  Calm.  Hiking in the forest that day, I heard, and I listened, and what came were the words, Care.  Alignment.  Love.  Mastery.


In the Silent Spaciousness

Such grace.  Just four words, but a powerful, succinct summary of what was happening beneath the surface in the silent spaciousness.

There is much truth to the fact that we only receive the wisdom in hindsight.  Feeling like I had nothing more to say some years ago, was surely my inner being’s way of letting me know it was time to go deeper, to become richer and more illumed in the workings of care, alignment, love, and mastery.


An Infusion of Sacredness

As a New Year and a new decade begins, creating calm feels like a holy balm, a sweet elixir of quiet joy, an infusion of sacredness to help us become the creators in our lives from the rooted and powerful place of care, alignment, love, and mastery.


With much love,

Heather xo

P.S. If you have friends, family, clients or colleagues who you think may be interested in creating calm in their lives, please send them this blogInner calm creates infinite ripples of peace and well-being wherever it travels…how’s that for a super power?


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