Breaking Free

I had a dream last night that I was walking up a hill, bare-breasted, along the side of a heavily trafficked road.


I felt defiant and free, and did not have a care in the world for the drivers in all the cars that were speeding by. No one stopped or honked or slowed down, and in my dream I could feel the crazed, manic, pulse of the 3D world, and I was elated that I was walking out of it.


As I was reaching the top of the hill, I saw a little pathway to my left that headed into a wooded area. When I stepped onto the path, before I could even take another step, a huge owl appeared as though he was guarding my entrance, yet his eyes spoke of pure gentleness and great humility. I did not venture in any further out of respect for this creature, which I could feel was an elder.


Instead I simply looked beyond him further into the forest, and there, resting in a large, ancient pine tree, I could see, what appeared to be his family, perched all over the various branches. Little young owlets with their mothers, and other adult owls sitting quite still and silently watching me.


I felt flooded with love for these gentle beings, and as soon as that wave washed over me, the elder owl stepped aside and granted me entrance into his kingdom.


As I walked along the path, I came across a rustic, outdoor hut with no walls to speak of. More like an exotic beach hut with just a grass roof. Inside was a man and a woman of Native American Indian ancestry, and she was also bare-breasted. I was invited in.


There was a large table, and sitting around it were several “white” children who were being taught various games relating to unity and wholeness. One, in particular, involved some of the children using their hands and fingers in such a way that they would interlock them into a beautiful, connecting pattern which formed a kind of unique sculpture. All the children were so engaged in what they were doing with these simple, natural games. I felt such peace and joy there, like I was home.


Next thing I know, I am back out walking down the side of the busy road. Now I have a coat on, and many of the speeding cars are slowing down and honking at me as though I’m an annoying intrusion that they must be watchful of and careful not to hit.


I am so pissed off that I am going back. And then I wake up.


And the still, small, voice said,


“The freedom you long for is already yours, and your dream is symbolic of this, for it is showing you that when your mind is peaceful, gentle and humbled, and when you walk that peaceful road within – regardless of whatever else is going on around you – then you are home. To remain in such a vibration takes some practice, and the children in your dream are representative of the playful, focused, discipline it takes to harmonize to such a unified vibration. They are students – as are you – and they are lovingly and patiently being taught. Notice that these children did not need to feel defiant to be free, for to defy is an energy of resistance. In your dream, you found a peaceful forest which is symbolizing the mind. You were bare-breasted, representing unconditional love and nurturing, which is your most natural state when freedom is experienced. You were with many guardians and teachers who were showing you the way – out of their love for you, and due to your deepest calling and desire to be free. Walking up the road bare-breasted, and down the road clothed, is simply symbolic of the dualistic 3D mindset which you are breaking free of in order to transcend and to become the unaffected observer, rather than the angry defier, of the “manic 3D pulse.” Have the wisdom and patience of your owl friends, who are bringing you the greatest gift of transformation into the unknown, and the gift of seeing so very clearly when all appears dark.”


With love,

Heather xo


  1. Bev

    Thank you Heather…another beautiful dream-scape message! Our individual dreams, often seemingly chaotic, sometimes disturbing, do have a deep rooted message. I myself dreamed the other night of being on a small dark island surrounded by water, much chaotic devastation but in the middle was a great tree, as I looked to the ground I could see it’s enormous spreading weave of roots, I kneeled down touched the ground, feeling no longer the chaos, but the harmony of nature’s sacred geometry….it was truly beautiful ! Best Regards to you, keep on keeping on – fighting the good fight for Mother Earth’s return to wellness ~ one drop at a time…~

  2. Terron

    Thank you for your beautiful dream and sharing of this piece for all who arrive here, one love and light to you and your journey!!!



  3. Danella

    Wow Heather … what a potent dream, very beautiful … I loved reading it and felt really touched by what you saw and experienced. With the native american elders and the children being taught naturally, I thought of ‘The Education of Little Tree’ both a movie and a book and worth getting either for a read or a watch. I’m a dreamer too so appreciate the power of what you gave yourself. I’m also really enjoying the blogposts coming to my inbox 🙂

    Blessings to you,


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