There is something reverent about the dawn.

It contains a felt, silent power of complete neutrality, pristine in its authenticity, and stunning in its ability to render one immediately peaceful the moment we honor its presence, and thereby become one with it.

Each morning, I arise with the joy of knowing I will be spending an hour or more immersed in the presence of this holy stillness. And then I express whatever feeling is filling up my heart by writing it down.

Over the years, this has become my practice in mindfulness, understanding, and complete trust in nature.

When we can allow ourselves to be open enough to be ‘taught’ by something greater than ourselves, to hear the silent whispers, receive the wisdom, live it, and pass it on, then, we can say we are embodying the One.

If this is something you long for in your heart, then this ebook will help you.

2015 – 60 pages