Benevolent Beauty


As I write this, the day-long cloud cover is breaking up, and the sun is peeking through in radiant bursts of joyful light.


The expanse of trees I can see before me from my window are seemingly coming back to life, new leaves unfurling in a splash of vibrant green across the valley.


Birds are singing, the creek is flowing, people are walking and biking along the nature trail…everything is in motion, even that which doesn’t appear to be so.


I had to remind myself of this earlier today as old feelings of fear, limitation and inadequacy came bubbling up to the surface.


I had to remind myself that these feelings were in motion, on their way to being transmuted, and that any sense of stagnancy, doubt, or apprehension was merely my ego trying to convince me that I’m better off in the “known” world.


The thing about observing nature, loving her, and being One with her, is that she shows us, with such deep benevolent beauty, how to flow…how to be…how to trust.


When we can truly learn to let go and move into the flow of Spirit, with unfailing trust and faith in the power and wisdom of the intelligence of consciousness that orchestrates everything, then we are free.


In other words, we have to be willing to get out of our own way, and sometimes, we just have to leap.


Whatever hidden fears reveal themselves as we are in midair, know that the wisdom in the choice to leap had this purpose in mind all along.


Some fears will just live quietly comfortable causing a dull constriction to our potential to live as unlimited Spirit in the world, until we take some kind of action, or are forced into action, to shake them out of their comfort zone.


If we are the ones who signed up this time around to experience freedom, we have to know that it can only happen as we stand fully in our deepest fears, allowing them to be there, feeling them, loving them, and letting them pass through into their rightful place, integrated and enfolded back into Oneness.


Bottom line is, it takes courage, dignity, compassion for self, and the grace and wisdom to follow our Spirit into the land of the Heart.


May we journey well there.


I’m guessing it’s our heaven on earth.


With love,

Heather xo


  1. Kelli

    What a beautiful message! Deep and simple at the same time.


    • Heather

      Thank you, Kelli. I am so glad that you enjoyed the post! Blessings to you.


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