Beloved Affair


I just ate a gorgeous avocado. I love the way it feels in my hand…how the pear shaped base fits so perfectly in my palm.


Having a love affair with an avocado may seem a bit strange, but in keeping with yesterday`s blog post, it`s the soul of a thing, person, or place that I am interested in having a relationship with.

Beloved Affair


To hold that avocado in my hand, feel its weighty goodness, to slice it open and marvel at its creamy texture…the pale yellow green richness of its insides, the velvety way it feels on my tongue as I place a spoonful in my mouth…this is my love affair in the moment…this is Soul and Spirit making love.


This is what Heaven on Earth can feel like.


It is possible to live an entire life in this way…making love to life, moment by precious moment.


There is so much writing going on out there in cyberspace land about the dark tyrants, the collapse of this and that institution, the days to come, this disease and that new bug etc…


Everything has its place in the world, and all that information is doing a good job of keeping those who are interested up to date on such developments, but my intuition…my Soul…keeps nudging me in the direction of what`s happening here and now in my own life and advising me that this is the only place to make any kind of positive vibrational change.


Be The Change. Start Where You Are. Use Your Own Life.


I love this quote by William Penn Patrick that says: “On this rock I stand and the whole world can adjust to me.“


Kinda tells it like it is…that we are the powerful creators of our own experience.


Why not stand on the rock of our lives and simply love, feel, express, create, be thankful, and look for all the beauty?


To me, that’s power beyond measure. That’s the power of the people, a people united in radical love, respect for all life, dignity, compassion, and kindness.


When we experience how energy and consciousness works and how existence is always proving that oneness with life is the supreme way of it all, this does not seem like a far-out utopian, idealistic reality. This kind of change is already happening, one beautiful, surrendered, open heart at a time, and it”s happening because it’s the longing of the Soul of the World, and because it’s time.


Just imagine what will happen when the Spirit of the Heavens and the Soul of the World decide to merge…


So, as I sit and eat this avocado, savoring every delicious moment, I am reminded that having an earthly incarnation is not about deprivation or renunciation of our sensory experiences in order to know the least not for me.


As far as I can make out, it`s all Divine.


If you really want to kiss the mouth of the Beloved…to make love with the beauty of all that is sacred…I`d suggest getting down on your knees, throwing your heart center on the ground to make contact with this Great Mother Earth, and do a full body embrace of uninhibited gratitude for all that she gives to us so unconditionally…including avocados..


With love,

Heather xo


  1. Bev

    Absolutely Heather….Love & Gratitude, Respect & Compassion for Mother-Earth…’ALL’ that she gives us freely & unconditionally…from Avocados to Trees, the Gardens filled with Flowers, the Birds, the Bees & All her Beloved Creatures that exist because of her…she is the Air we breathe…Nature=Life. Without it we would not exist….Thank you for another wonderful post !

    • Heather

      You are so welcome, Bev!


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